‘Why I quit my job and sold everything I owned’

Claira underwent an elective double mastectomy.

A FORMER television presenter who had a double mastectomy to beat cancer is now travelling the world on your recommendations.

Claira Hermet, 28, had an elective double mastectomy followed by a breast reconstruction after tests revealed she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene, The Sun reported.

The ex-radio host underwent the procedure in January 2015 to beat cancer after the faulty gene caused the death of both her mum and sister.

Caira at the Sambadrome Carnival, Rio.

Caira at the Sambadrome Carnival, Rio.Source:Caters News Agency

After recovering from the surgery Ciara quit her job, sold her belongings on eBay and packed the remainder of her stuff up to travel the world.

Now, the 28-year-old writes a blog telling her readers about her experiences and asking them to recommend new countries to go to.

Claira, from Kensal Green in London, said: “When my sister died I made a pact with myself to find a way to be happy.”

At Chapada Diamantina, Brazil.

At Chapada Diamantina, Brazil.Source:Caters News Agency

“They may not have their lives but I have mine and I want to make it count for them and for myself.

“After the operation I started to be filled with an urge to travel so I decided to go ahead with it — I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Having a cast made of her breasts before her mastectomy.

Having a cast made of her breasts before her mastectomy.Source:Caters News Agency

Ciara featured on a documentary last year which focused on her brave decision to have both breasts removed.

And on New Year’s Eve 2015, she set off round the globe starting in Barbados, while writing her blog My Life Your Hands.

In Prainha, Brazil.

In Prainha, Brazil.Source:Caters News Agency

Ciara spent the first month on the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines but aside from some countries, strangers decide on all the others.

Speaking of her blog, she said it has helped come to terms with tragic events and deepen her relationship with her dad.

She said: “My dad and I are very close but we don’t necessarily communicate that.

“By reading my blog I think it’s made him realise what the process has been for me. He now understands how important this trip is to me.”

Claira at 18 months with her mother, Jane.

Claira at 18 months with her mother, Jane.Source:Caters News Agency

Claira plans to write a self-help and spiritual guide aimed at young people called Things I Wish My Mum Had Told Me.

To follow her globetrotting adventures visit http://ift.tt/1RTJLih

This story originally appeared on The Sun.

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