Watch: Inventor Colin Furze Reveals Hoverbike

An amateur inventor has responded to the wishes of his millions of YouTube followers and built a hoverbike that actually flies.

Former plumber Colin Furze, whose video channel has 2.5 million fans, challenged his admirers - and Sky News viewers - to suggest a new form of transport.

Some 15,000 people wanted him to design a hoverbike which could fly over obstacles or take alternative routes such as over rivers or fields.

After a couple of weeks tinkering away in his garden shed in Lincolnshire, Mr Furze unveiled his drone bicycle replete with a couple of two-stroke engines and rotor blades.

Although it has no seat, mechanical brakes or steering, the contraption is nevertheless strong enough to lift Mr Furze off the ground.

"It's the most outrageous thing I've ever ridden," he said.

"Feeling it lift for the first time was such a strange feeling. It only just lifts me off the ground.

"I tried out all sorts of frames; hacked bits off and added bits on, until eventually I started seeing results."

Mr Furze, who has also invented wrist-worn flame throwers and Wolverine-style claws, admitted the bike sometimes gets into a bit of a spin when the rotors are not running at the same speed.

But he insisted his invention can move forwards, backwards and sideways using balanced weight distribution, similar to a hoverboard.

"Controlling it is a small miracle but with a bit of practice you can learn how to tame it," he said.

"When both engines are in sync this is quite a stable machine.

"People predicted it would flip over but it's never even come close to doing that."

Writing on his website he added: "The fact the hoverbike worked at all is a miracle, which proves you should try stuff even if you think you know the outcome."

:: Watch the full video of the inventor testing his hoverbike and other inventions here

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