Apple Music: Five Ways To Fix Streaming Service

Apple debuted its Music subscription service in June 2015 - now the company is reportedly planning a major overhaul after customer complaints.

An improved version of the music service will be detailed at its Worldwide Developer Conference next month, according to Bloomberg.

It will be accompanied by a new marketing and advertising push, in its battle against established streaming services like Spotify.

These are five things Apple Music needs to improve:

:: Make it simpler

Apple Music screenshots

Apple Music is painfully confusing. Categories like ‘For You’ and ‘Radio’ duplicate features, while other features don't fit into any category.

When you have all of the world's music at your fingertips, accessing it needs to be a lot more intuitive.

:: Copy Spotify

Spotify's Discover Weekly is a playlist selected by a computer based on your music tastes, and it’s updated every week.

It's brilliant - probably my favourite tech launch of the last 12 months.

Apple Music makes nods to personalisation, but doesn't have anything as direct or effective as Discover Weekly. So, just copy it.

:: Scrap Connect

Connect is a tab in Apple Music where fans can 'connect' with musicians. No one wants to do that.

Artists can put out behind-the-scenes material on Instagram and Twitter. Apple has never been very good at social features.

Scrap Connect and keep the focus on the music.

:: Stop giving away Beats 1

Apple rightly got a bit of stick for claiming that Beats 1 was a magical invention. It's just a radio station. But it's a very good one and actually one of the best features of Apple Music.

But Apple gives it away: you don't need a subscription to listen. Bring it into the paid app and you give people another reason to subscribe.

:: Stop it from ruining people’s music collections

When you sign up, Apple Music looks through your existing iTunes library - songs you may have bought, ripped off a CD you own, or made yourself - and matches it to the Apple Music library. It then deletes the original digital file.

But many users have reported Apple mistakenly identifying duplicate tracks, blowing holes in their carefully curated music collections.

Apple should keep Music as purely a streaming service and maintain iTunes (which also needs a big revamp) for listening to music you own.

Let's block ads! (Why?)

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