Aussie brutally bashed in Bali nightclub

Perth man brutally bashed in Bali1:19

A Perth man is lucky to be alive after being bashed at a notorious Bali nightclub.

The Perth man was taken to hospital after he was brutally beaten in a notorious Bali nightclub.

Cindy WocknerNews Corp Australia Network

AN Australian man holidaying with his pregnant fiance is lucky to be alive after a brutal bashing

by security guards at Bali’s infamous Sky Garden nightclub in Kuta.

The allegedly unwarranted attack, which happened around 1am on Saturday, April 2, is believed to have stemmed from a confrontation with a local pickpocket operating in the club.

He required a steel plate in his head.

He required a steel plate in his head.

The man’s face was severely injured in the gangbashing.

The man’s face was severely injured in the gangbashing.

It’s alleged several security guards gang­bashed the Perth man, knocking him to the ground

where he was handcuffed then kicked repeatedly in the head, before taking his mobile phone

then dumping him on the street.

The 33-year-old underwent emergency surgery in Bali, and had a steel plate inserted in his skull,

and plastic surgery on his nose. A deep gouge in his eyebrow also required stitches.

The incident has been reported to Bali police, with police sources saying unwarranted attacks

on tourists by Sky Garden security guards are a regular occurrence, with several having been

previously arrested over similar attacks.

The club’s security is provided by Indonesian gang members.

Local authorities (Bendesa Desa Adat Kuta) have previously issued a final warning to the

notoriously violent club that they face closure if the bloodshed continues.

The man was rushed into emergency surgery in a Bali hospital.

The man was rushed into emergency surgery in a Bali hospital.

The club featured in the 2013 Channel Nine special ‘Bali: The Dark Side of Paradise’.

During that special, Sky Garden’s former Australian security chief named only as ‘John’,

claimed he fled Bali after being threatened by gang members who put a gun to his head in the

club because he had started sacking security guards who were drugging and robbing patrons.

The Sky Garden club is the biggest and most popular club in the Kuta Beach area.

The victim has now returned to Australia after being given the all­clear by doctors.

Police investigations are continuing.

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