Gyllenhaal: Trump 'Could Be Dangerous' For US

Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal has told Sky News that Donald Trump "could be dangerous" for America.

The Republican presidential front runner has been heavily criticised during the months-long campaign for his controversial views on a number of topics.

He wants to ban Muslims who are not US citizens from entering the country, and has pledged to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to vote in the New York primary election in the Manhattan borough of New York City

He also came under fire for mocking a disabled reporter, and has been accused of appearing to encourage violence at his rallies.

Gyllenhaal, who is well-known for films including Donnie Darko, Jarhead, Zodiac and Nightcrawler, admitted: "I think, particularly on the side of Trump, he excites a kind of pre-adolescent in me.

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"There's an anger and a frustration and an understanding that we're in a place that we want to move from.

"But … I want an adult in that position, so as it's relatable. I don't necessarily fully agree with it, and I think it could be dangerous."

In an interview to promote his new film Demolition, the 35-year-old star said he values honesty in elected officials.

He said: "I just don't like it when I feel like someone is being dishonest. I don't like it from an actor, and I don't really like it from a politician.

"And there are a lot more serious ramifications from a politician than from an actor."

Gyllenhaal also admits to admiring the Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who are, he believes, operating in a political climate that makes it hard to be straightforward about policies and beliefs.

He said: "It's very hard to speak the truth, at this time, you know it's a difficult thing, it always is.

"Life is about compromise, I think work is generally about compromise, being an adult, as Bruce Springsteen says, is really about compromise.

"What I love about seeing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is that they have, and particularly in the debates recently, have talked about how difficult it is when you're working the political system, to (show) what you believe in while at the same time losing some of that as well."

His new film, Demolition, is a dark comedy-drama about a man who surprisingly finds himself relieved (and with a new passion for wrecking stuff) after his wife dies unexpectedly.

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