Mobile Phones 'A Non-Starter' For Most Diners

Taking photos of food in restaurants may impress followers on Instagram, but it appears to be wearing thin on fellow diners.

A new poll suggests 83% of Britons are in favour of "no phone zones" in restaurants - with the typical person spending seven minutes on their device every time they are out for a meal.

Nine in ten of those polled by OpenTable find it rude when someone uses their phone at the table.

But despite this, 71% of women and 60% of men still interrupt their meals to check their mobile - suggesting many people feel they would only be able to resist the urge to use their phone if restaurants had a policy against it.

Unfortunately for phone addicts, restaurants might not be willing to force their guests to switch off during a meal.

Four in five eateries encourage diners to post photos and messages about their experience on social media, as it can help spread the word and enhance trade.

And many restaurants are also under pressure to meet the demands of their tech-savvy clientele, as one in three Britons regularly asks for a venue's WiFi password before they have even ordered their meal.

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