New airport design looks like, well, you know…

Wait a minute ... Picture: Weibo

A GRAND new design for an airport terminal capable of handling 100 million passengers a year is being widely mocked.

Terminal One of the Beijing Daxing International Airport is under construction, and is set to include seven runways over an area of 700,000 square metres.

There’s just one minor problem with the masterpiece, created by famed British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. As pointed out by Chinese social media users, it resembles a vagina.

Weibo user “Big V” Yang Jinlin had innocently posted the image along with the caption: “Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the design for the new Beijing Airport. Do you know the name of the designer?”

Do you see it? Picture: Weibo

Do you see it? Picture: Weibo

Hilarity followed, with many convinced they could see the female body part in the photo.

One user pointed out it appears to be ‘reproductive organ worship’, while another, who goes by Bai Li Xiong, wrote: ‘Was it inspired by the form of the human body?’

This image was posted in response to the design. Picture: Weibo

This image was posted in response to the design. Picture: Weibo

The terminal is set for completion in 2019. The six-pier radial concept that has been designed to increase connectivity and reflect the Chinese landscape and culture.

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