Did you know you could ski here?

These are some places you probably didn’t know you could ski.

TIRED of the usual runs and quaint chalets?

If a trip to Queenstown or The Alps doesn’t excite you like it used to, perhaps you need an extreme change of scene.

Don’t try this if you’re not a seasoned skier.

Don’t try this if you’re not a seasoned skier.Source:Flickr


Roughly 80km away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech is Oukaïmeden; a ski resort that sits high in the Atlas Mountains. It’s hard to believe you’re in subtropical Africa when you’re here.

What’s really cool about this spot, is that because of its high location it calls for Africa’s highest chair lift, which reaches 10,640 feet up to the peak of Jebel Attar. Does that visual make you giddy? Don’t worry, you can also use a donkey to climb the resort’s seven ski runs.

For the seasoned skier, the slopes might not be groomed to a standard you’d be used to, but if you’re a collector of wild ski destinations, add this one to your list.



Meaning, “white mountain”, Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. At 14,000 feet high, it is the only volcano in Hawaii that has evidence of glaciation; and has formed an ice cap at the tip of its summit.

The highest point in the archipelago, you will notice at the peak of the volcano there are no resorts or crafted runs. There’s no ski lift either. So if you might want to think about hiring a 4WD and taking turns with your friends to drive up and down the mountain.

If you’re after a hard core, unrefined skiing experience, this is your destination.

Skiing Ngga Pulu


Probably one of the last places you’d consider a ski holiday, Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid) is the highest mountain of Mount Carstensz in the Sudirman Range.

While the mountain has four glaciers, the tip of the Meren Glacier has the only skiable peak in the area; Ngga Pulu which is towers over the mountain at 15,950 feet. The rest of the summit is bare rock so it does require a full expedition to access the area.

Get in quick though, unfortunately due to global warming the glaciers are melting at a rapid rate.

Shredding it down Broadway (it’s the name of the slope).

Shredding it down Broadway (it’s the name of the slope).Source:Flickr


Think of California and thoughts of the Beach Boys, hot summer nights in LA and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood will be conjured. But take a 50-minute flight inland and you’ll find the imposing Mammoth Mountain.

It has the highest summit in the state and boasts an impressive 400 inches of snowfall each year. The resorts hosts excellent facilities, so if you’re a first-timer or you’re a fan of a little more luxury this place is for you.

You can spend days exploring the 3500 acres in the park, with a variety of chutes, runs and glades to have a go on.

Ski Africa


OK, so it’s a mix of both man-made and natural snow at Tiffindell Ski Resort, but how many places can you ski and go on safari in one day?

The slopes are on the highest mountain in the Cape’s southern Drakensberg so the snow lasts longer which makes it perfect for a week away. The season runs from May to September, but considering it’s located in a climate where there isn’t enough precipitation it calls for snow-making systems. This doesn’t detract from the incredible fact that you’re skiing in Africa.

A day ticket is also roughly 385 South African rand, which is about $35 Australian.

A slope with a view.

A slope with a view.Source:istock


Also the home of the Olympian Gods and the Zeus’s thrown, Olympus is actually now home to a remote ski resort that is operated by the Greek military.

As many would know, it’s the highest mountain in Greece at 9750 feet. Appropriately enough, the slopes are names after Greek Gods, such as Aphrodite and Hermes.

The local resort, Elatohori is well equipped for experienced and beginner skiers alike; with a track for snowboarding, chalets and two ski schools.

Skiing Mt Olympus

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